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Jay-Z: "Hate" (ft. Kanye West) (MP3)

Kanye West does the production on "Hate," and provides this slithering, dubby beat for Jay-Z to do this funky, slightly arrhythmic rap over. Even though there's no Auto-tune on this track, the contemporary synthetic feel of this beat certainly exposes that Jigga's prepared to accept the new hip-hop landscape a little more than he might want people to think. Though, maybe sitcking to the time-tested hip-hop standard of bashing "haters" might throw people off. [TheFader]


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I hate "hate" and these two haters.

snow white

"Yeah, I exercise/ Yoga"
-I can't beleive that came out of Jay-Z's mouth.
He's really fallen off...sad to say


aharlalenm, you obviously don't listen to music. He says "stretch work, Yoga" work means drugs in cocaine/crack form and to stretch it is to add baking soda or some other fake substance to it to make it weigh more than its worth.

So sad how ignorant people are.

Hot track


U can not like da man but this song is a work of art. Heck, he talkin bout u snow white. U said u hate him therefore U DA HATER!

Miguel M

Dis song go hard...
snow white dis song jus fo u..


I'm wavin' at y'all, I'm so plaaaayer!

Just dope. Ridiculous flow.


I so agree with everyone else that snow white and aharlalenm have no experience with good music. its not like they could write anything better. grow up an stop bein a HATER !


this song go hard/.
anybody think different
yes/your some haters!
-get your weight up!


"i jus can't stomach myself.... Alsar."
enough said foreal. lol


man if u think this songs awsome listen to off that by jay-z and drake


Off that is amazing <3
I usually hate jay-z and I still do but this track goes HARD! Great song... Kanye is sickk!

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