“Jay-Dee’s Revenge” (Prod. J Dilla) (Video)

    As if the cover art and trailer for the new posthumous J Dilla LP, Rebirth Of Detroit, were not appetizing enough, today also sees the emergence of an official video for a Danny Brown track from the record. “Jay-Dee’s Revenge” spreads newly recorded Brown lyrics over a previously unheard beat that is classic Dilla.

    A deep, dirty bassline grunts menacingly through the low register and is occasionally offset by brighter synth sounds that jangle at a higher pitch. This forms the perfect background for Brown’s vocals. With verses that oscillate between smooth, playful word games and abrasive, staccato exclamations, the rapper is able to demonstrate the full extent of his range.

    The track’s video, which streams below, splices together clips of Brown on stage with other studio footage, but it also manages to incorporate a clutch of visual references to Dilla.

    Brown’s “Jay-Dee’s Revenge” b/w Big Tone, Guilty Simpson and Finale’s “Birthright” will be available here as a limited edition 10″ vinyl from May 25. [Nah Right]