“Jamaica” serves as further evidence that Van She want to give Hot Chip a run for their money as candidates for the next soundtrack to your summer escapist fantasies. Earlier this year, the effervescent Sydney dancepop quartet kicked us “Idea of Happiness,” the first single off the upcoming full-length of the same name (out July 10 in the U.S., on Modular). 

    Featuring a fun, foot-shuffling beat that vaguely evokes steel drums, “Jamaica” is an urgent appeal to the shameless beach-party hedonist in all of us. But if you still find yourself feeling skeptical (was it that line about “making love to the music of life”?), just order another mojito, stop thinking so much, and get on the dance floor already. Or you can always hold out for the slew of remixes to come.

    Stream “Jamaica” below:

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