“Ivory Coast Crime Scene” F. Action Bronson

    If the title didn’t grab you (Action Bronson‘s “Muslim Wedding,” anyone?), the beat will, if only because of its sheer brightness. Here, The Kid Daytona and Bronson vividly detail some life luxuries–and Daytona definitely deserves some props for “peelin’ mangos that match the sunset.” Doesn’t that make you forget the temperature is steadily dropping, even just for a second? Anyway, Bronson swoops in and spits similarly exotic lines about how he “smoke salad in the garden eatin’ rabbit,” floors it in his Beamer and stays tan in the winter by eating olives. Overall it’s a tight blend of suave aggression. Produced by 6th Sense, “Ivory Coast” is also the first drop off Daytona’s The Interlude 2, which is set for a Dec. 19 release. Check it out below. [RR]