“It’s Rough” (Smog Cover) (Video)

    Oupa is the side project of Daniel Blumberg from British alt rockers Yuck, which plunders the kind of lo-fi approach that was popular during the ‘90s. Blumberg just can’t shake off that decade—Yuck frequently looks to a number of ‘90s bands for inspiration—and here he turns to Bill Callahan (under his Smog guise) to perform a cover of his song “It’s Rough.” The track has been given a lower-than-low budget video, directed by Porcelain Raft, which is all scratchy camcorder footage and slowly rotating lights. The song is a suitably mournful rinse through the Oupa grinder, hitting on the same strain of feeling Callahan strives for in his work. Check it out below. [via OneThirtyBPM]

    Oupa – It’s Rough from Boiled Egg on Vimeo.