“It’s D Only Thing” prod. David Banner

    I would not have blamed you if you figured that Snoop Dogg would stop leaking random tracks considering he, too, is doing a weekly music giveaway with #PuffPuffPassTuesday. But you would have figured wrong, as he’s back here with the “It’s D Only Thing.” Co-produced by THX and David Banner, the track is essentially Snoop’s personal football-themed track. Yes, he is now the latest rapper to toss his hat into that ring. And it is apparently inspired by the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers’s made it to this year’s Super Bowl, though there are plenty of NBA references, too. “It’s D Only Thing” might be cringe-worthy to most of you, but at least that the beat is kind of catchy.


    Doggumentary drops March 29. You can listen to the song at 2DopeBoyz.