“It Was A Good Day” And “I Rep That West” (Live On Kimmel) (Video)

    Ice Cube found himself on Kimmel last night, with no jackers in sight, promoting his recent I Am The West LP. Cube messed around and got a triple-double, and did his classic “It Was a Good Day,” which is above, and is still the best. I’m not sure how the 1994 Ice Cube would have responded for calls to “put your peace signs in the air,” but he was probably too concerned with going so deep to put the ass to sleep back then. Less awesome, and less open for awkward references that let you know I listened to the song a bunch, is the below take of “I Rep That West.” It’s not embarrassing, I guess, which is more than you can say for Cube’s recent acting career. ZING!

    I Am the West is out now.