“Island Universe” (Prefix Premiere)

    Feeding People were introduced to us as a band from Orange County whose members are “still under drinking age.” They may find trouble getting into the clubs where they can perform, but these psych rockers are definitely making an impression. According to their SXSW profile, Feeding People began when Jessie Jones and Nic Rachman met at an evangelical church in Anaheim; they’ve come a long way from praising Jesus in their Sunday school band.

    “Island Universe” is their new 7″ released through Innovative Leisure, and we’re premiering it today. It’s a departure from their usual mix of psychedlic frenzy and metal sludge: lead singer Jones sounds sweet and innocent, but there’s something a little dark about the jaunty guitar and ’50s pop structure. “Forever, forever/Young and naive/Can we just make believe?/Die in our sleep” sings Jones, and all of a sudden the song is more eulogy than innocent ditty. Listen to the Prefix Premiere of “Island Universe” below.