“Intrusions” (Video)

    If the sluggish imagery of Intrusmental Tourist‘s first single, “Uptown Psychedelia“, wasn’t enough, the equally non-descript neon lights that line Japanese super highways on “Intrusions” will not satisfy your impatience. Throw in the dark, foreboding scenes of the driverless car and you’ve gone from abstract to just plain creepy.

    However, for noise musicians Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never), you’ve also reached the heart of the machine. As the duo pursues its tireless sonic exploration, the car continues to explore the endless arteries of modernity, each helping to catalyze a feeling of emptiness amid the luxuries of modern technology.

    “Intrusions” is just a taste of what to expect from the sonic pioneers on their latest album Instrumental Tourist, which arrives Nov. 20th via Software SSTUDIOS. Why not go for a ride while you’re waiting? [COS]