“Dreams & Nightmares: The Most Anticipated Debut Album of the Year,” reads Meek Mill’s official website—a claim which might just go up for debate thanks to a certain Aftermath album. While Kendrick Lamar has claimed the day—and probably the whole goddamn year—as his own, the MMG MC persists with the promotion of his own record by debuting the opening track.

    As you’d expect, “Intro” is a pretty lofty affair which hears Meek embed his heartfelt, streetwise lyrics into a velvety instrumental. Well, that’s the first half anyway, as pass the 1:40 mark, and the Philly rapper puts pedal to the metal on the mic and charges through a bass-shattering beat layer. This sets the tone for the rest of the record, I imagine.

    Arguably not the most anticipated debut album of the year, but a debut album nonetheless, Dreams & Nightmares hits stores Oct. 30. [Life+Times]