‘Infamous Quotes’ (Mixtape)

    It’s safe to say that dropping a mixtape prior to your proper album’s release has become a tradition these days in hip-hop. I mean, this happens way more often than not and, in some cases, the mixtape is what people prefer over the actual album. It’s not clear if that will be the case here, but either way, the game’s most famous ghostwriter, Skillz, has linked with living legends DJ Jazzy Jeff and J.Period for the Infamous Quotes mixtape. This project serves as the precursor to the MC’s forthcoming album, The World Needs More Skillz. And it features 31 tracks of interludes with quotes from pop culture icons and brand new tracks with production from Alchemist, Jazzy Jeff, and Nottz.


    Download Infamous Quotes here, Skillz’s The World Needs More Skillz drops Oct. 26.


    [The Diggers Union]