In the Summertime (MP3)

    Ah Devendra, never ceasing to remind us why we can’t help but love those hirsute hippie types. The fine folks at Deaf Indie Elephants nabbed this nugget from a webcast of Devendra Banhart’s performance at the Outside Lands festival. It’s a cover of the ubiquitous ’60s feel-good hit "In the Summertime," by Mungo Jerry, England’s answer to the Lovin’ Spoonful. The wide-eyed joyfulness, the free-wheeling exuberance, the need to point out that one is not "dirty," the classic hippie paradigm of pacific willfulness made explicit in "we love everybody but we do as we please," it all translates perfectly from the Age of Aquarius (well, the Swingin’ London pomo-jugband variant anyway) to the freak-folk fellowship. That said, the famously hairy/beardy D.V. has got nothing on the look the man from Mungo was rocking way back when. [Deaf Indie Elephants via YANP]