“In The Kitchen” (Video)

    When Asher Roth isn’t working on his follow-up to Asleep in the Bread Aisle, the stoned ex-college student is putting the finishing touches on a new mixtape. Apparently the project, Pabst & Jazz, is due out soon, though that’s a term used pretty liberally by the hip-hop community in terms of releases. Anyway, “In the Kitchen,” which leaked in August, is the lead single off the mixtape. At least, that’s what appears to be the case given the fact Roth shot a music video for the excellent and laid-back Chuck Inglish-produced tune. It’s just as fun as the track itself as you get to watch the rapper and beatsmith hang out in various kitchens and cure their munchies with some noodles. Goofy, but effective. Watch the video below. [Rap Radar]