“In The Kitchen” (Prod. Chuck Inglish)

    You see, it’s tracks like this that make it so difficult to maintain a steady opinion of Asher Roth. Last week, he dropped a dull-as-fuck track, “Another One Down,” that left us shrugging our shoulders at whether or not dude really even cares about rapping anymore. And then today to celebrate his birthday, he releases “In the Kitchen.” To not call it one of his better tracks in a minute would be sinful as dude uses a Blu-esque flow to complement Chuck Inglish’s grimy synthesizers perfectly. But to also not get low-key annoyed that Roth’s dropping songs like this and “Another One Down” within eight days of one another would be foolish, too.

    You can stream “In the Kitchen” below. Roth’s sophomore LP, The Spaghetti Tree, is due out this year.

    [Rap Radar]