“In Decay” (Album Stream)

    New Jersey producer Seth Haley, a.k.a. Com Truise, is one of those musicians who works best in a studio, constantly documenting his every experiment with releases left and right. Fittingly, Ghostly International will release an album of studio outtakes and early recordings called In Decay on July 17, but you can listen to the full thing a day earlier via an album stream, courtesy of Stereogum.

    The songs on In Decay precede Com Truise’s official releases (the EPs Cyanide Sisters and Fairlight and the album Galactic Melt) but they’re still fascinating nonetheless. If you’ve already listened to “Open,” you know what your ears are in for: wobbly synths, rhythmic pitter-patter, and strong instrumental hooks from a man who spends some serious time on his craft. Take a listen below.