“I’m Not Alone” (Video)

    Someone on a message board post recently compared the vacuity of Lady Gaga’s music, with Calvin Harris’ work, and while on the surface this is a workable analogy, videos like the one for Harris’ upcoming single, "I’m Not Alone," seem to be evidence that Harris has a little bit more going on than the Haus of Gaga. The clip starts off with a lone boy dragging a teddy bear through the snow on a sled, and when the song’s tranced-out, 90’s electro break comes, we’re suddenly in the dungeon of a castle with mad scientist-Calvin and a gaggle of hot dancer subjects. There’s not a chance that any of this symbolizes anything meaningful (coherently anyway), but nonsense is better than self-consciously recycled dance routines any day. "I’m Not Alone" is out as a single April 4.