“I’m Excited” F. Afrikan Boy

    Let’s just be real here: DJ Shadow fans are hard to please. For the most part, they come in two sects. There are those who totally dismiss everything he has recorded after 2006’s disappointing The Outsider and those who have taken it in stride and moved on. For those in the former group, you’re going to hate his latest single, “I’m Excited.” Those in the latter sect will likely appreciate the blending of vocal samples, fuzzy instrumentation, and Afrikan Boy’s drunken flow. It’s a pretty big turn from what we heard on previous single “I Gotta Rokk,” but “I’m Excited” is so intoxicating that it’s difficult to not get, well, excited. Plus, those drums toward the end? C’mon, son.


    You can stream the track below or at SKOA. The Less You Know, The Better drops Sept. 5.


    I Gotta Rokk (LP Version) – DJ Shadow by AndamosArmados