“Illegal” F. Freddie Gibbs (Making-Of Video)

    Ski Beatz is going to be releasing these making-of documentary-style videos in the weeks leading up to the release of his second 24 Hour Karate School. And even though we might not highlight every one of them, this particular installment certainly caught our attention. Why? Because it features Prefix-fave Freddie Gibbs, of course, and the chance to hear a preview of his track on the album is more than OK with us. You only get to hear brief portions of “Illegal,” the track in question, but the video does allow you to learn how Gangsta Gibbs and Ski linked. It also shows you how Gibbs is apparently a pretty big perfectionist, though it makes sense if you have ever listened to his music. Dude’s flow is like buttah.


    24 Hour Karate School Part 2 drops Aug. 9.