“Ignition (Remix)” (R. Kelly Cover) (Live On A.V. Club Undercover) (Video)

    Young the Giant are this week’s guest on the A.V. Club‘s “A.V. Undercover” series, where bands perform songs off a list of random covers. Young the Giant are known for their sweeping, indie-by-the numbers, so they’re about the last band you’d expect to cover R. Kelly’s masterpiece, “Ignition (Remix).” Yet here they are, in fur coats, running hands through fros, and putting fellas to the left. There’s a hefty dose of irony here, and this kind of plays like those goofy folk covers of rap songs, but this is by a decent margin my favorite Young the Giant song, so there’s that. Watch it below: 

    Young The Giant covers “Ignition (Remix)”