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Ice Cube: "Drink The Kool-Aid" (Video)

And so begins the official promotional push for Ice Cube's forthcoming I Am The West album. As Prefix'er Saxon Baird wrote about this track when it leaked eight days ago, "Drink The Kool-Aid" is essentially Cube's chance to rant about everything he hates in hip-hop right now. He calls out a number of offenders, from Kanye West to Dr. Dre while also maligning "some white boy's rehabilitation." Beef-heavy lyrics aside, at least the bluesy beat is somewhat interesting, but Cube sounds a little forced here. The video makes it all seem a bit more natural as you ride with him throughout L.A., but it's hard to take him seriously with a hook that weak.

I Am The West will drop Sept. 28 via Lench Mob. [2DopeBoyz]

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Ice Cube

a seriously weak hook indeed...

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