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Ice Cube, The Roots: "Straight Outta Compton" (Video)


In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the iPhone video of The Roots and Ice Cube warming up before a Late Night With Jimmy Fallon taping from late last month. We've already heard what this sounds like from an earlier soundboard recording, but now you can add some visual fun to your auditory experience.


What can we take from the video? Well, it's strange for Ice Cube, now the producer of the new television series Are We There Yet? based on a (stupid) movie franchise of the same name, to look as intimidating as he did when this song released 22 years ago. I mean, it's easy to make fun of the Ice Cube from XXX: State of Emergency, but an Ice Cube still rapping this angrily I would not fuck with at any point in his career.


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Ice Cube
The Roots

A) this is awesome. I was wondering who did the Easy verse when listening to the audio... the video answers that question.

B) you gotta love that the best thing to ever happen on Jimmy Fallon's show never made it to air.

C) They are making a 3rd xXx movie. This one is back with Vin Diesel (who was killed off in the previous movie, but who cares). If they manage to make 10 of these movies, will the tenth be called xXxX?

Greg Ingber



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