“I Want You” (Video)

    “I Want You,” the titular track off his I Want You mixtape, is what happens when a young rapper-singer fully embraces his influences and runs with it. Over a straight-forward Marvin Gaye sample, rapper-singer Theophilus London does what he does best in blending a number of genres. This track sounds like new wave, soul, R&B, and hip-hop got together in a room and London emerged when they had all exhausted themselves.


    Fittingly, London and director Va$htie get their French new wave on for the “I Want You” video, which depicts the Brooklynite getting sensual with a scantily-clad female. It doesn’t make for the most intriguing of videos, so I’m hoping he plans on shooting more for tracks off I Want You. While this cut track is definitely a highlight, there are others that deserve the same treatment, such as his surprisingly on-point cover of Tweet’s “Oops (Oh My).”