“I Wanna Rock” (Live On Mo’Nique) (Video)

    I realize I’ve beaten this horse dead, but Mo’Nique has an Oscar. A real one! One that she can put on her toilet as a conversation piece! And she currently hosts a show on BET! Meryl Streep is like, “Ouch, tough break, Mo’Nique. Manager much?” While hosting her show last night, Mo’Nique had Snoop Dogg (who will win an Oscar next year, probably) on to perform “I Wanna Rock” on the 456th show he’s performed it on. Snoop is pretty smooth here though, holding court over Mo’Nique’s 40 audience members. It’s too bad Jay-Z wasn’t available, because the Jigga-featuring remix has really grown on me since it has started getting radio play. 



    Snoop’s More Malice is out now.