“I Wanna Rock” (Live On Leno) (Video)


    Now that Conan O’Brien is probably going to FOX, and Late Night Wars 2 is pretty much over, I’d forgotten all about that huge chin with a man named Jay Leno attached. Seriously, until I saw this clip of Snoop Dogg performing on Leno, I had forgotten that Leno took over the Tonight Show because he is just so the worst. At least Snoop Dogg is definitely on Team Conan: He wears his pajamas here and moves around way less than he has in past performances of “I Wanna Rock” on TV. At least you hope Snoop is team Conan: It seems like his band is more team Pamela Anderson. They were more stoked to see her at the end of this clip than Leno.



    Snoop’s More Malice, which comes packaged with a movie, is out now.