“I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”

    “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl,” the new single from Wavves’ upcoming Life Sux EP, is now streaming directly below, after it premiered on the incredibly awful I Just Want My Pants Back, a show about the 2006 ideal of hipsters on MTV. The song is another sneering cut, but with a (maybe?) uplifting lyrical hope of meeting Dave Grohl. Wavves probably had a chance to do just that last night at the VMAs, since he was there promoting his music for the show. This song certainly lends credence to the idea that Blink-182 are going to be the most remembered band of the late-90s, early ’00s that I’ve heard floated out there. Life Sux is due out on Sept 20. Listen:


    Wavves – “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” by rockedition