“I Stand Alone” (Video)

    Theophilus London’s impressive streak of promotional material pushing his proper full-length debut, Timez Are Weird These Days, is still going strong. He just released the above visuals for his patriotic single, “I Stand Alone.” And as you will see, he’s probably the only rapper who can pull off wearing a cowboy hat. You also catch a rare glimpse of the Brooklyn resident not wearing his shades, which actually left me wondering if that was still him in the second half of the video. Seriously, dude wears sunglasses all the damn time, even when he’s rocking a cramped venue in New York. The only downside to the whole shades and cowboy hat thing is that they kind of take away from the serious tone of the track, as do the goofy green screen effects.

    Timez Are Weird These Days is out now.