“I Rep That West” (Video)

    If we’re all being adults, there are two things we all have to acknowledge re: Ice Cube’s “I Rep That West” video. One: Ice Cube’s musical career stalled with “It Was A Good Day” because that song was basically perfect. That is very sad for Ice Cube, but it is very, very true. And two: Sometime around the time he starred in Are We There Yet?, Ice Cube became incapable of claiming that his life is like the Wild Wild West. Life is definitely not hard when you spend it starring opposite kids and puppies. In fact, I’d venture to say Ice Cube’s life is more like Betty White’s than his life is like the Ice Cube who rapped “It Was a Good Day.” And that too, is sad for Ice Cube.


    But if he wants to keep trying to prove both of those things wrong, that’s his right. Because, as I said, “It Was a Good Day” is perfect, and he can keep trying if that’s what makes him happy. He’ll try in album form on July 13, when I Am that West is due out for release.