“I Only Have Eyes For You” (Cover)

    This Friday the Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington, D.C. will open in doors in celebration of Doug Aitken’s critically acclaimed instillation Song 1.  The massive outdoor media project features a soundtrack made up of covers of the decades-old pop standard “I Only Have Eyes For You” as performed by indie-rock favorites like Beck, No Age, and High Places (which you can listen to here).  As part of the event, plunderphonics master Oneohtrix Point Never will take the stage to join others with his take on the classic.  Unsurprisingly, OPN’s version is the least conventional of the bunch, deconstructing the catchy ditty into a sublime meditation complete with haunting drones and disembodied vocals.  Listen below, or better yet, swing by the National Mall tomorrow night to catch the whole performance live.