“I Might”

    If you were up around midnight the other night and prowling Twitter (like I was), then you undoubtedly heard a whole lot of rumblings about a new Wilco single making the rounds. Well folks, here it is for your weekend enjoyment, ready to be played repeatedly for as many days as you can stand. It’s a track that’s bouncier than you’d come to expect from Tweedy & Co., but it also manages to navigate through some rocky doldrums for snippets of time before reintroducing that 60’s organ sound again. If this is any indication of where Wilco is headed now that they’re their own bosses, there might be life yet for these veterans.


    Stream the single below. “I Might” will be physically available as a single on July 18.  [Stereogum]


    Wilco – I Might by ListenBeforeYouBuy