“I Know You Want Me/Hotel Room Service” (Live on Wendy Williams) (Video)

    Inspired by that dude from PCU who is trying to prove that at any moment when you’re watching TV you can see Gene Hackman in a movie, I’ve been running a long-term study of how many times I can hear Pitbull on the radio every time I drive anywhere. It turns out if I drive for an hour, I can hear “I Know You Want Me” and “Hotel Room,” his current hit singles, twice each. I’m like the guy at the 1:55 mark of this video fo the Bull doing the songs on Wendy Williams’ show: I’m not amused. Though it is impressive that you need two drummers to do these songs. And that Pitbull is about 5 feet 5 inches, because Wendy Williams looks like Larry Johnson to his Muggsy Bogues.


    Pitbull’s Rebelution is due out on Aug. 31.