“I Just Wanna” F. Tony Yayo (Video)

    Rapper-turned-businessman 50 Cent is taking a moment to focus on his first love as a means of promoting his recently released new mixtape, The Big 10. He’s doing it in a pretty big way, too, as he is releasing a music video for each track on the project.

    The latest to get some visuals is the Tony Yayo-assisted “I Just Wanna,” which samples K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s “That’s The Way (I Like It)” to great effect. Seriously. You would think it would end up being some cornball-ish track, but 50 and Yayo, the gangsta-goofs they are, embrace the feel-good vibe. And even though the sing-song portions are a bit much, they still work, as does the party-centric video that you can watch below.