“I Heard the Party” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    “I Heard The Party” is the newest song from Gem Club’s debut record Breakers to get the video treatment, and the canniest visualization so far of the trio’s special tone of reined-in reverence.

    The sadcore dirges on Breakers drift like glaciers (to borrow a metaphor from the album cover art) over a misty sea of nostalgic melancholy, leaving in their wake a sense that every word and note is a thing to be cherished. Previous videos engage with this sadness, and the slowness—but something about the absolute precision of the light in “I Heard The Party,” or the patient close-ups on its subjects’ faces, captures the wounded worshipfulness in Christopher Barnes’ voice like none before it.

    In Chelsea College of Art student Joshua Stocker’s mise-en-scène, the young couple appear shrouded in a pale, unearthly glow, moving in slow motion among sparse trees and low-lying vapors, seeming to mourn for something just outside our understanding. 

    Watch the world premiere of “I Heard The Party” below.

    Gem Club – I Heard the Party from Gem Club on Vimeo.