“I Hate People” ft. Iggy Pop (MP3)

    Jemina Pearl, formerly of the broken up Be Your Own Pet, makes her solo recorded debut in October when Ecstatic Peace issues Break It Up. Apart from a handful of tracks, we haven’t heard much from Pearl’s solo endeavors, and not enough to tell what direction her solo stuff would lean. If first single “I Hate People” is any indication, Pearl’s solo material is definitely going to be described as “Be Your Own Pet-like,” as the track sounds an awful lot like, in spirit and musically, “Becky,” a track that was left off Be Your Own Pet’s sophomore album, Get Awkward, when Universal decided it was too violent. “I Hate People” should apparently be amended to “I Hate People Who Aren’t Iggy Pop,” because the grandfather of punk rock duets with Pearl on the track, lending his brassy vocal range to the choruses. 


    Break It Up is due out on October 6 via Ecstatic Peace and Universal. [Stereogum]