“I Get Money” f. Mack Maine, T-Pain & Lil Wayne (Video)


    It must be nice owning a record label: You can continue to release albums, even though you haven’t really been a proficient rapper, ever (except for that one Big Tymers album, Hood Rich, which was OK, all things considered). Birdman is readying his second album in a calendar year, Bigger than Life, and he’s got a new video out for the lead single, “I Get Money,” which features Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Mack Maine and a bunch of footage of digital money. Apparently the money isn’t so great over at Cash Money; I could recreate their money using iMovie. But I can’t recreate a ridiculous Lil Wayne verse (“I don’t fuck with niggas, call me George Bush”) or a circa-2005 T-Pain hook. That’s where getting real money probably helps. 


    Birdman’s Bigger Than Life is due out later this year.