“I Drink A Little Pepsi”

    Unless you’re super-steeped in everything Das Racist has been up to lately, you probably haven’t heard of Big Baby Gandhi. But thanks to fellow Prefix writer Craig Jenkins, I’m now fully aware of his existence. Big Baby Gandhi is the latest signee to Heems’ label, Greedhead Music, and apparently has a new mixtape dropping soon. And in case you’re wondering if he’s real and if this is some kind of goofball prank, revisit Das Racist’s “Michael Jackson” video and you’ll see him at the 3:50 mark. The Queens-based rapper also has a pretty active Twitter and Tumblr, the latter of which is where his new track, “I Drink a Little Pepsi,” comes from. Once you hear it, you’re realize this isn’t a joke and that dude’s a perfect fit for Greedhead. Blunted hip-hop from Queens that carries a tongue-in-cheek vibe similar to Das Racist? Yes, please.

    You can download the track here and stream it on BBG’s Tumblr.