“I Don’t Know What To Do With This Information” (Live On Maida Vale)

    Attention Jens Lekman fans wanting to hear more new material after checking his latest release, An Argument With Myself: he debuted a previously unheard track recently during a gig at London’s Maida Vale Studios. “I Don’t Know What to Do With This Information” treads the typically beautiful ground we’ve come to expect from the Swedish singer-songwriter.

    He mixes things up lyrically, though, as he waxes poetic on the impending holiday season with heartstring-pulling lines like “Christmas Eve is hard on a broken family.” Sigh, oh Jens. You can stream the Maida Vale session below. It also features An Argument With Myself‘s “Waiting for Kirsten” and recently debuted “I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots.” [TPoE]