“I Do It” (Prefix Premiere)

    In February, rapper-producer kechPhrase will drop Green Card, his debut LP, through Veehead, the imprint started by Kool A.D. of Das Racist. The album comes after a year of EP and single releases, plus three beat tapes, the latter of which make up kech’s Live from Nigeria series.

    Unsurprisingly, kechPhrase will handle Green Card‘s production, with Big Baby Gandhi and Steel Tipped Dove contributing one beat apiece to the 15-track effort. Confirmed features include Kool A.D., Chuuwee, Big Baby Gandhi, BBU, Afrikan Boy, Matti Beresin, DC Pierson and Greedhead’s Safe.

    However, kechPhrase is a one-man team on “I Do It,” the lead single from his forthcoming album. The hard-yet-woozy track first appeared on the Slight Progress EP, and it’s now complimented by a screwed and chopped remix courtesy of Houston DJ Jay Smith. You can listen to “I Do It” below, and keep your ears open for more in the coming months.