“I Can Only Imagine” F. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

    Does David Guetta make his techno-trash beats with shows like Jersey Shore in mind? Because every track this dude puts out sounds exactly like “shitty TV show soundtrack” fodder. The latest, “I Can Only Imagine,” fits that bill perfectly, too, with its Black Eyed Peas synthesizers, awful Auto-Tuned harmonizing, and guest appearances from Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. I suppose the only good thing about this song is that it’s not creepy like Guetta’s previous single, “Little Bad Girl.” Although, “I Can Only Imagine” follows that track’s same formula of overblown production, an opening verse from an R&B singer, and a second verse from a rapper, who must have received a pretty nice check.


    You can stream the track below. Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat drops Aug. 29.



    [Rap Radar]