“Hypersensitive Jester” (Prod. Steel Tipped Dove)

    As Mishka explained so well in their premiere of this track, “Being funny and being capable of entertaining others through humor is largely dependent upon a keen sensitivity.”

    That being said, it’s only right that “Hypersensitive Jester”–a new track from rapper/producer Bill Ding and Kool A.D. of Das Racist–is full of interesting and laughable one-liners that hit you in all the right places. One of what could be many examples is this bar from Kool: “My body is a temple but I still fuck with french fries.” Or Bill: “Like Immanuel Kant I only do shit that I want.” Add a smooth and shadowy beat from rising producer Steel Tipped Dove, and you’ve got a great track. Listen and download below.