Hyperballad (Bjork cover)

    The first two track-by-track cover projects spearheaded by mammoth music blog Stereogum demanded a certain level of respect just for the sheer gumption needed to wrangle together all the behind the scenes details. But perusing the site’s solid odes to OK Computer and Automatic for the People didn’t generate the anticipation created by a brief glimpse at the announced tracklist for Enjoyed, a free compilation covering Bjork’s 1995 classic Post that goes live next Monday.  Though the promised Liars rendition of "Army of Me" is probably the arrow shot straightest to my heart, old favorites performed by Atlas Sound, Xiu Xiu, High Places, El Guincho, and more make up a tracklist I’d gladly shell out actual cash for.


    The first taste, distributed via the "’Gum Drop" e-mail service, features Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors covering the oddly serene "Hyperballad." In the Projectors’ deconstructionist clutches, it’s really not so calm at all. The original felt like being privy to a secret ritual. Bjork could only build to those enormous vocal climaxes because she was yelling out over that cliff of hers, all alone. Dave Longstreth and company’s take on her internal monologue is much more quizzical. Though his vocals are about as subdued as he gets, the music has the jitters. Its quicker pace is immediately engaging but the incongruity between the twitching strings and the sentiments being expressed is sort of unsettling. An effort to actually emulate the sounds of car parts and cutlery flying off the cliff’s edge, perhaps? It’s intriguing enough to get us to Monday anyway. 

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