“Hustle Bones [Video]”

    Dumpster-rap trio Death Grips often need little more than some extended footage of frontman MC Ride to lend visual substance to their music’s schizophrenic industrial grime. In their new video for “Hustle Bones,” that’s most of what they give; a shirtless Ride flips out in front of the camera, wasting some perfectly good beer while he’s at it. These shots are interspersed with shots of money, another bottle of beer, and a bag full of what can only be either broccoli heads or uncut basil, spinning in a dryer. Such a confusing thing to watch on your first day on the internet. I’m twelve years old and what is this? Check out the video below, and also check out the top comments, which are really funny, specifically:


    I liked Zach? Hill’s drum solo at the end.


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