“Hush” (Video)

    You know that awkward moment when you realize that something from the past has been used not once, not twice, but thrice? Typically, this only happens when a hip-hop producer ends up sampling a track that has been used previously. Although sometimes, the producer is smart/deft enough to flip the sample differently so you don’t even notice. But in the realm of music videos using the same found footage, that’s not really quite as easy.


    In the case of the visuals for Nostalgia 77’s “Hush,” filmmaker Steve Glashier lifted from the same 1960s bicycle safety video that we saw in the videos for Boom Clap Bachelors’ “Falder Ind Og Falder Ud” and Boards of Canada’s “Everything You Do is a Balloon.” Yet, even with that in mind, it’s difficult to hate on this. The colors and mood of the video work so well with Nostalgia 77’s slow-burning “Hush” that you kind of can’t help getting hypnotized. Let’s just hope that this is the last we see of this found footage.


    The Sleepwalking Society is out now on Tru Thoughts.