‘House Of Balloons’ (Mixtape)

    In hopes of learning some background on Toronto-based newcomer the Weeknd, I Googled his name and landed on his website. From there, I landed on his Facebook and Twitter pages. But even after skimming through numerous tweets and the like, not much information was available on the Weeknd. All I could surmise after my research and hearing his latest (and first?) project, House of Balloons, is that Toronto might have yet another big star on its hands.


    The music on here falls in line with what we heard on Drake’s So Far Gone. And, perhaps as a reaction to questions being asked of House of Balloons, the Weeknd made sure to point out that Drake’s close friend and producer, Noah “40” Shebib,  “did not produce anything on this tape.” The similarities are strong, though that’s likely just an indication that there’s something brewing up in T Dot.


    You can download House of Balloons via the link below.