‘House Of Balloons’ (Chopped Not Slopped Mixtape)

    Are you still listening to the Weeknd’s House of Balloons mixtape? Yeah, so am I. As great as it is, though, I think we could all use a new twist on the effort. And that’s just what DJ OG Ron C has provided here with his “chopped not slopped” version of the mixtape. I know what you might be thinking: Didn’t a similar project drop a month ago? Well, yeah, it did, but no one owned up to it. And considering Ron C’s track record, particularly his take on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this should replace the one you grabbed previously. Also, it’s been cosigned by the Weeknd himself, who linked to it on his Facebook page a few hours ago.


    Download the chopped not slopped version of the mixtape here.