“Hostages” (Prefix Premiere)

    Mesita makes emotive music about hiding his emotions. The Colorado-based musician has dug into his past for the intense, ragged “Hostages.” It’s the second track we’ve posted from Mesita (a.k.a. James Cooley) and the first Prefix Premiere; “Hostages” mixes innocent piano with bursts of drums and Cooley’s pleading, repeated chorus: “Don’t say a word/And nobody gets hurt.” He describes it as a “song about feeling frozen, paranoid, absolutely scared of yourself. You can’t tell a single person or else you think the truth will spread in minutes and the life you had is ruined.” That kind of tension runs through the track, but it’s listenable tension.

    “Hostages” will show up on Mesita’s upcoming album Future Proof. Listen below.