“Horizontal Ascension” (Lost Track)

    One of the great questions of the CBGBs punk-era is what would have Television sounded like if Richard Hell stayed on long enough to record an album. Would it have sounded like Hell’s own Blank Generation? Or would it have sounded just like Marquee Moon but with a more charismatic singer? It’s hard to know, because the band never recorded any official material with Hell, but thanks to YouTube, the bootlegs of their early recordings have made it to the net. You can hear “Horizontal Ascension” above; it features a lot of intertwined guitars and Hell preaching, so basically it’s just how you’d assume this would sound (and it sounds an awful lot like the Velvet Underground). This is like uncovering some treasure. All the punks that said Television sold out sort of have a case now, don’t they? At the very least, Television never sounded like this again. 



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