“Hood Shit” F. Shawty Lo & Young Quis (Video)

    With his latest proper release, Street King, finally out there, Houston’s smoky Trae Tha Truth is probably back in the studio working on some new mixtape-centric material. That is, after all, his go-to medium considering he tends to drop at least three or four per year. But until that happens, we can expect to see more visuals to keep on pushing Street King, an otherwise solid affair that relies a bit too heavily on Trae’s guests. That’s not entirely the case here for “Hood Shit,” mostly because his cohorts Shawty Lo and Young Quis don’t really overshadow Trae’s breathy flow. What makes the track suffer, though, is its bumbling production and dull-as-nails video, which turns into some weird piano-led ballad toward the end.


    Street King is out now.