One gets the feeling that Liz Harris–aka Grouper, one of this century’s most valuable and underrated auteurs–covers her world in echo and distortion because it’d be too beautiful for her to bear otherwise. At least that’s the conclusion that the lovely “Hold–a-side to a forthcoming tour 7-inch–brings me to. Harris hasn’t released a full-length album since 2008’s Dragging a Dear Up a Dead Hill, but “Hold” should certainly tide her fans over for the time being. As in her best work, the songs manages to mesmerize without doing very much: the voice moans and warbles bur says nothing in particular, the guitar haunts like some long-repressed nightmare, and the listener is once again lulled into submission. The limited edition tour 7-inch it out 10/6 via Room 240. Track below. [GvB]


    GROUPER — Hold by ROOM40