“Hold My Hand” f. Akon (Video)


    All of these Michael Jackson songs have been full of ugh: I mean, seriously, Akon? “Akon and MJ!!!!!”? Classically awful here, dude. But this video is maybe even worse. I think that’s possible, since it has so many shots of crying fans and no Jackson footage since 1991. I mean, I hate to be the guy reminding everyone what a mess the dude became in his later life, but having footage of the guy that only dates back to 1991 (or so) is sort of disingenuous. Let’s not forget that the guy was a trainwreck for a bunch of years. Yeah, his music was great, but acting like everything else (the molestation, the nose) was just a little quirk of the guy’s sweet and Akon-loving personality is whitewashing to an extreme degree. But that’s sort of the point of the posthumous album, Michael, I guess. To pair Michael up with less embarrassing modern artists. Like Akon. Woof.