“Hold Me Back” (Video)

    “So BET rejected Ross’ ‘Hold Me Back’ video. It’s incredibly sad, because the video is incredibly special & real,” according to the video’s director TAJ. BET hasn’t given a reason why they would ban the clip, considering the album the song comes from–God Forgives, I Don’t–is certainly a hyped-up release. If anything, it will probably make it even more popular.

    But it’s definitely not something you would find on BET on a day-to-day basis. The video is a pretty honest and harrowing trip through New Orleans’ Calliope Housing Projects, with Ross acting as the exhausted/defiant tour guide. It’s shot entirely in black-and-white and closely mirrors the stressful hook that underpins the whole thing. Ross might be a larger-than-life character, but he knows how to bring everything back down to a human level. Watch it below.